Wednesday, September 18, 2019

What I've Been Eating - Chicago and Indianapolis


You guys. When I visited Chicago, it was still -10 degrees outside. So you KNOW this travel post is LOOOONG overdue! Since these were both work trips, I figured they would work best in their own little post, rather than two short posts. 

So, if you're headed to either of these cities in the near future, be sure to check out the restaurants I found fit to write about! Also, if you'd like to Follow Me on Yelp, please do! To get an up-to-date account of all my favorite places to visit in every new city I explore.
Coming soon... Denver!


Two Lights - I only stopped in here because it was directly across from Second City, and it was such a happy accident. I got my fill on seafood for sure--with fresh oysters, a lobster roll, and some seriously bomb clam chowder. Oh, and don't forget dessert. Yummm. If you're taking in a show, or even if you're not!, be sure Two Lights is on your list.

Lou Malnatti's - I had to get Deep Dish, and this place came HIGHLY recommended. "There's two places to go, and Giordanno's." I went with the closest one, and was not disappointed! Deep dish is definitely an experience. Having grown up in the Northeast with the classic New York style, it almost didn't feel like "pizza" to me, but it was nonetheless delicious. Thick, buttery crust, tomato sauce (and you can TASTE the tomato! It's not bogged down with anything else but TOMATO), and savory sausage. Definitely a true taste of Chicago!

Girl and the Goat - Hands-down, the best meal I had in Chicago. Run by Top Chef Stephanie Izard, the menu is (obviously) goat-focused. While I've had goat before, none of it could hold a candle to these delicious, fresh, unique dishes. I started with bread from the bakery/diner across the street (Little Goat Diner!), then moved onto a goat empanada, and finally the braised goat belly with LOBSTER and bourbon butter sauce. Probably the best thing I've ever eaten. Reservations are impossible to come by here, but the bar was pretty empty in the middle of the week, so it's worth taking a chance and sitting at the bar--there's a full menu! If not, I've heard Little Goat Diner is also amazing.


St. Elmo's Steakhouse - As a foodie, I always do my research. In Indy, I...didn't. Where the heck do you go in Indianapolis?? The one suggestion I got was from my boss--St. Elmo's Steakhouse, and be sure to get the shrimp cocktail! Okay? Turns out, their cocktail sauce is famous. Youtube it, and you'll find people taking the "challenge." Every person I told I was going to St. Elmo's said "Are you getting the shrimp cocktail?" Then, warningly, "Have you HAD IT BEFORE?" And they were right to warn me, holy hell that cocktail sauce is FIRE. There is more horseradish in that sauce than anyone should ever have at one time. But thankfully, the burn is quick and it's an all around experience. I ordered a moderately priced steak, of course topped with crab, and did I want to upgrade my soup to lobster bisque? Um, duh. St. Elmo's was a steakhouse my dad would have adored, and my foodie self was more than satisfied. This place is very busy--it took over a half hour to get even just a seat at the bar!--so make sure to make reservations.

The Eagle - Located in a trendy part of town, this place has legit fried chicken. I don't know what else I can say about it, honestly. I got a quarter fried chicken and it was perfectly flavorful and moist. To start, I got the hushpuppies and those were ALSO incredibly flavorful and perfectly fried. I didn't check out their alcohol menu, but it looked like it would do the job. If you're in the Mass Ave area, definitely don't miss The Eagle!

Indianapolis City Market - Want a little sample of everything the Indianapolis food scene has to offer? This is the place for you. From sandwiches to tacos to seafood and Asian fusion, this place has it all! I circled three times, not knowing what to order. Finally, the pizza from Mauricio's Pizzaria caught my eye and I had two wonderful slices. Next time I'm back in town I'll definitely check out the other options! 

These are two cities I'm in often for work, so... where should I go next??

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