Thursday, June 15, 2017

BRB, Getting Married.


So, I had a bunch of photos on my computer to prepare for the month of me being in Massachusetts for my wedding, so that I could simply pop up a recipe and not have to cook or develop while I was home for a month.

Guess who brought their work laptop with NO pictures on it, instead of their personal laptop with all the pictures on it?

This gal.

And May was pretty nuts--I traveled to MA for my bridal shower at the start of the month, I had my Austin Wedding 1.0 (big party so my Austin friends didn't have to travel to Massachusetts), my New Orleans Bachlorette Party, my mom came to visit, had my Austin Book Signing, my future mother-in-law came to visit, my improv troupe hosted a weekly show, then June hit and I've already attended an improv festival in Rhode Island and had another book signing. And now it's 2.25 weeks until my wedding and I have to DO ALL THE THINGS.

So, unfortunately I am kind of on a brief hiatus until I'm back in Austin.

I mean, maybe. I do have my camera WITH me and kind of want to make lobster rolls at some point...

But yeah. Sorry. For the next few weeks it'll be a little quiet. It's been quiet, I know, but I've been busy with my book (please buy it!) and wedding stuff.

See y'all when I'm back! If not sooner! <3!