2017 Austin Food Blogger Alliance City Guide - Austin's Best Food Trucks

While Austin doesn't necessarily have the monopoly on Food Trucks (it's hard to nail down exactly where they began, and now they're pretty saturated across the country) it's arguably one of the most diverse offerings of these mobile foodie hotspots. When the weather is as beautiful year-round as it is in Austin, it's definitely worth it to have your lunch al fresco outside your favorite food truck!

Ms. Ps - One of my very favorite food trucks in town.  Ms P only serves FRESH, never frozen, no hormones, no additives, local free range chicken. The batter is crisp, slightly spicy, and the chicken and waffles can't be beat. Once located on South Congress, you can now find it on the iconic Rainey Street.
80 Rainey St, Austin, TX

Biscuits & Groovy - Biscuits and Gravy is a concept that was entirely foreign to me as a Northerner. But now that I've had it... there really is no going back. It's a delicious breakfast (even moreso when you're hungover!) that's filling, savory, and oh so good. And the Biscuits and Groovy food truck has made a whole business over it!
5015 Duval St, Austin, TX 78751

Arlo's - Fun story: there really isn't much on the signage to tell you this is a vegan food truck, and if there is, it's not very prominent. Leading my carnivore fiance to accidentally down half a burger before realizing it contained no meat. Another friend gushed about it being the best burger he's ever had... not knowing until long after it was meatless. If you want plant-based food that'll trick your tastebuds, or at least a cruelty-free meal, definitely check out Arlo's!
900 Red River at Cheerup Charlie's, 1308 E 4th St.at Scoot Inn, 2908 Fruth at Spider House Cafe
all in Austin, TX

La Barbecue - When people ask me for the best BBQ in town, I direct them here. Sure, Franklin's is the classic, but not everyone can wait in that dang line. And, to be honest, the brisket at La Barbecue just cannot. be. beat. It's tender, delicious, and while the line is still often long, it's not wait-for-eight-hours long. Stop by, you won't be sorry!

1906 E Cesar Chavez St, Austin, TX 78702

Paperboy - One of the best new breakfast/brunch spots in town is actually a food truck. Paperboy boasts a small menu that highlights produce and dairy from local farms, bread from local bakeries, and hot and cold brewed coffee.
1203 E 11th St, Austin, TX 78702

Valentina's Tex Mex - They have BBQ. They have tacos. They have BBQ tacos. And they rock. This is the last year that Valentina's can truly be on a food truck roundup, as it officially becomes a brick and mortar at the end of the year! In the meantime, make sure you check out their Manchaca Road location to indulge in some crazy breakfast tacos and delicious BBQ. The daily specials are ALWAYS worth it, so make sure you try them!
11500 Manchaca Road, Austin, TX 

Burro, Cheese Kitchen - It's your childhood dream. An entire food truck focused on grilled cheese. But not just any grilled cheese, Burro creates unique artisan flavors. Try the Partridge Family (Gouda, Provolone, and Bacon on Sourdough) or one of their specials like Bourbon Apple. Now, only if Burro would hook up with a tomato soup truck...
1221 South Congress Avenue & 80 Rainey Street

Mighty Cone - Delicious, walkable food.  Crunchy chicken, shrimp, and/or avocado in a tortilla in a cone. Who could ask for more? The food truck has its roots with a former Hudson's on the Bend chef and a famous festival--making it a truly Austin establishment.
1720 Barton Springs Road. Austin, TX.

Little Lucy's Mini Donuts - Do you ever wish you could have those classic county fair fried donuts all year round? You can definitely come close with Little Lucy's. While this is another Rainey Street mainstay/after hours food, it's delicious whenever those tasty little donuts are fresh out of the fryer. There's a handful of new flavors, but I suggest the classic cinnamon sugar.
75 Rainey St, Austin, TX 78701

Angry Egg Roll - The sign here cracks me up. And trust me, these aren't your typical egg rolls. Located near 6th Street, their larger-than-life eggrolls are the perfect snack after a night out. Or, a good way to line your tummy before hitting the bars. (and they're mighty tasty, too!)
667 Red River St, Austin TX

Dock n' Roll - One of the things I miss most about New England is a decent, fresh lobster roll. Dock n' Roll is the closest I've come to an authentic New England roll. Probably because they get their lobster directly from Portland, Maine!
Steampunk Saloon - 700 W. 6th St (On the patio adjacent to Rio Grande)
Midway Food Park - 1905 S. Capital of Texas Hwy (Near Tres Amigos)

Patrizi's - There's not a huge Italian population in Austin, so good, authentic Italian food is hard to find. Thank goodness I stumbled upon Patrizi's. One bite of their homemade pasta and sauce (a FOOD truck with HOMEMADE pasta and sauce?? Yup!) and you'll be hooked. The meatball has got to be my favorite in town. Buon appetito!
2307 Manor Rd. (in the Vortex Theater), Austin TX

Korean Komfort - Austin has a handful of delicious infusion restaurants, but for authentic Korean (comfort) food, definitely check out Korean Komfort. Highlights include the BiBimBop, Bulgogi, and Spicy Pork Bowls, but really anything on the menu is going to be amazing.
2512 Rio Grande St, Austin, Texas

I tried to highlight trucks that didn't yet have a brick and mortar. However, the following locations happen to have both. They're all Austin classics and deserve a visit--whether to their food truck OR their storefront.

Via 313 - Pizza
East Side King - Thai
Thai Kun - Thai
Chi'lantro - Korean
Peached Tortilla - Southern-Asian infusion
Garbo's - Maine Lobster
Veracruz All Natural - Tex Mex

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  1. aaaaand cue the drooling! Pinned for if I ever make my way down there <3

  2. Eastside King is more fusion than Thai, owned by the same people as Thai Kun, I believe. The only sticky wicket with either of those restaurants is that one of the owners, unless it's changed hands, is a violent domestic abuser. Even if the food is hands down the best in town, I couldn't enjoy it in good conscience.

    Chilantro is Korean fusion, with kimchi fries, tacos, burritos, and noodle bowls.

    Does Veracruz All Natural have a storefront in Austin?

  3. Thanks for the info, definitely something to consider for next year.

    Veracruz does have a storefront now! Though I see it's in Round Rock and not Austin...

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