Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Foodie Friends - Meet Your New Favorite App #sponsored


Disclaimer: This post was created in partnership with Appyness and Oros. I received compensation for my review.

Here’s the thing: I love food, but I’m also desperately trying to stay on a budget. This means when I have a bit extra stashed aside for a night out, I’m torn between taking a chance on somewhere new, or going to an old reliable. And it’s not just food--I’m actually planning my honeymoon and I can’t decide if this once-in-a-lifetime trip should be somewhere absolutely new (risky!) or somewhere I know we love.

If only everything came in flights, so you knew what full size to get!

So, what’s a Millennial to do? Our options are sort of limited. We can either fight the social media algorithm and ask the masses within our limited social bubble, or hope that we find a handful of up-to-date, honest reviews across any number of review sites.

Guess what. There’s a third option. Oros! Oros is an app that allows you to text “anyone, anywhere, about anything” within its interface. Meaning you can get a suggestion for the best burger in the city from people who are in the know, without having to give out your number to strangers or wade through endless reviews.

With Oros you can get real-time responses from users in your area and beyond. Simply send out a request for information and users who have opted into that contact filter will be notified of your question. For example, I obviously chose food and travel, but there are endless categories to opt into--crafts, sports, photography--anyone can share their expertise in Oros!

Oros is launching in Austin, Texas on April 3, 2018 with plans to expand to additional cities thereafter. I was lucky enough to get to try it over the past week and I have to say, I’m impressed. I asked for suggestions on local sushi (my never-ending quest!) and immediately got a handful of thoughtful responses. I love how easy Oros makes it to connect with others! It’s like the best parts of Yelp and WhatsApp came together to create one amazing app.

Keep an eye on orostext.com/launch/ for updates! And Austin, be sure to download on April 3rd.


  1. Oh wow, this sounds pretty gcool. My S.O. and I are ALWAYS checking out new restaurants. I can see how this would be very beneficial.

  2. Oh this app sounds amazing! I'll totally check it out when it launches!

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

  3. Wait, I really love this idea for an app! I am definitely going to check it out for my trip to California next month!

  4. This is so cool! I need to check this out next time i am traveling.

  5. what hahaha is this really a thing??? omg, i might have to give this a try when i move to a larger city xD

  6. mmm yassss!!! I loveeeeee food! And of course it's start in austin, their food is so good!

  7. oh that's really cool! kind of like opentable on demand. I like it!

  8. What a cool app! That food looks SO good!

  9. This app sounds pretty awesome! Hopefully it will be available in my area

  10. Oh wow that sounds pretty awesome I would try it out!

  11. I'm such a foodie! This app sounds awesome!

    The Blush Blonde