Friday, February 3, 2017

These are a Few of my Favorite Things 2

Happy Three Year Anniversary of being our dog, Lily! <3

Happy New Year, everyone! Well, I guess I'm a little late with that... happy, Valentine's Day season? I know it's a weird time for some people, whether you're not in a relationship and feeling lonely or you're in one and feeling pressured. Cory and I typically stay in, unplug, and make a delicious meal together. I don't know how I'll top the "surf, turf, and sky" dinner I made a few years back, but we'll see!

Did you see my recent recipe post? Check out how to make a delicious One Pot Pork Loin Dinner!

Now, onto my favorite things!

Here's where I share things related to food/blogging/cooking/restaurants that I have discovered and/or received for review. If there's a *, I've received a product gratis from the company for purpose of reviewing.

Old Thousand* - We were invited to an amazing Chinese New Year dinner here and I was extremely impressed. I think I've finally found my favorite Chinese food in Austin! The meal was a four course traditional new year's menu:

LION HEAD MEATBALL SOUP (Meatball stuffed with crab)
DAN TA ( egg custard, meyer lemon, and vanilla)

Isla* - I attended an Austin Food Blogger Alliance happy hour at the popular Peche sister restaurant, and got to sample a number of items. They all were delicious, but I ended up ordering a few fresh oysters to supplement the snacks and I am SO glad I did! These are hands-down the freshest, most flavorful oysters I have found in the city. I will definitely be back.

Salsa Maya - I discovered this amazing condiment after sampling it at Spec's. And my life will never be the same. It's aioli with habanero, but the spice isn't overwhelming and the creamy texture balances it nicely. Using the jarred spicy mayo, I make an incredible crusted chicken, but what I really love is that you can buy them in little ketchup-packet-sized amounts. I keep some in my purse for when my lunch needs a little kick!

Things I find on the internet and stuff.

Stay informed! See a rage-inducing news bite on social media? Be sure to check out Politifact's Truthometer and Snopes to make sure it's legit.

Does anyone remember Neopets? My account is nearly FIFTEEN years old now--wow!

Catana, a web comic... is she secretly illustrating my own relationship? These are too cute.

I've never had a Scotch egg, but they look SO good! I think I'll try this recipe from Big Flavors from a Tiny Kitchen soon!

Each week I’m going to highlight a different thing I love in ATX. Might be a list, might be one highlight, who knows! This week it’s…

My Favorite Happy Hours

Peached Tortilla -Snacks and cocktails for $5, Tacos for $3, and a special burger for $7. Do yourself a favor and order the Kimchi Arrancini Balls and Mom's Toast (the owner's mother's own recipe) and pair it with a whiskey drink. This is hands-down my favorite happy hour in town!

Pacific Rim - Especially their $1 menu on Tuesdays! Holy balls this place is amazing. I ate my fill of fresh, delicious sushi for only $20 last Tuesday. Color me impressed. Also enjoy select saki for $3-$5.

Tacos n' Tequila - Mondays they have a $1.50 build-your-own taco bar, and the rest of the week they have decent discounts on their expertly crafted cocktails. Definitely go on Monday if you can! Their unique taco offerings are great and reasonably priced, too, if you miss Monday's taco bar.

Odd Duck - One of the places I can only really afford DURING Happy Hour, I love the little bites Odd Duck offers during this time. Their menu is highly seasonal, so stop in for a $5 beer and whatever the chef has whipped up.

Salty Sow - $5 snack menu and discounted drinks. All of the yes. This is another place I don't frequent other than happy hour (unless it's "date night") but my favorite thing to do is order one of everything off the menu!

Question of the week: What charities and organizations do you donate to?

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  1. Your ATX links are gonna make me want to take a trip BAD! I love me a good happy hour! And thanks for sharing my Scotch Eggs - you *must* try them sometime! Perfect hangover food for after you've hit too many of the aforementioned happy hours ;)