These are a Few of My Favorite Things

Happy New Year, everyone!

Alrighty, so I love weekly roundups of bloggers' favorite things. I don't know why, I guess it's like getting advice/suggestions from an old friend--even if it's an old friend I've never met. This one has been in the works for MONTHS, so it's slightly outdated but still accurate in that these are things I love.

If it does well, maybe I'll do more!

Here's where I share things related to food/blogging/cooking/restaurants that I have discovered and/or received for review. If there's a *, I've received a product gratis from the company for purpose of reviewing.

I received a handful of Dreamfarm items for purpose of review, and since I’d never heard of them before I didn’t quite know what to expect. Turns out, their products are very well made and EXTREMELY useful! I had no idea that I had a need for measuring cups with a built-in leveler, or a spatula with a built-in bend for optimal flipping, and now I can’t imagine my kitchen without them!

I am lucky to live in the state of Texas, where receiving alcohol via the mail is actually legal. This is exciting, because I was given a sample of the Drizly service recently. It works like any other delivery service: order booze, get it delivered. Just make sure the person ordering is the same one answering the door, since you need photo ID. I was excited to receive my favorite bourbon, Bulleit, and the transaction with my delivery person was pleasant and quick. I definitely will be taking advantage of this service when I’m throwing a party and the libations are running low!

Full disclosure: they’re sending me a 3 day cleanse for review, and I will be blogging my thoughts throughout the process. O’Joy is a local austin juice and smoothie shop that goes beyond a simple cafe and offers all sorts of healthful living tools--like meal plans, cleanses, and catering. They use organic and/or locally grown ingredients in all their items, and their shop also sells sandwiches and light lunches. What’s truly great about O’Joy though, is that they donate to charities that fight hunger, and have made it a major part of their business. I’m so excited to try their cleanse! Hopefully it will let me ease into some healthier habits.

Things I find on the internet and stuff.

Buzzfeed’s 30 Day Fitness Challenge - I said on the 1st I'd do this... I haven't yet, but it seems do-able!
I wrote a thing! Paste: 12 Easy Recipes Every Adult Should Know 
Paste: Best Political Food Moments. Food and politics go together like Ben & Jerry's and Bernie Sanders. Who knew?
Food Blogger Friend: Sriracha Bacon Lobster Rolls from Nomageddon--yum!
Thank you letter to musical theater parents  - As a musical theater kid, this really hit home for me.

Each week I’m going to highlight a different thing I love in ATX. Might be a list, might be one highlight, who knows! This week it’s…

Best Brunches! Because yes, I am a basic bitch. I’ve been lucky enough to hit some prime brunch spots lately and I’d love to share my findings.

Vinaigrette - We had our Austin Food Blogger Alliance holiday party here and I am still DREAMING of the chile corn cakes ever since. Their food is fresh and amazing.
Goodnite - This is one of those secret gems I always turn to when I want delicious brunch and no wait. Extra points: free bowling on Sundays!

Swift’s Attic - Make reservations. Trust me, it’s a madhouse on weekends. We were quoted a 3 hour wait one time as a walk-in! But it’s worth planning ahead for their bloody mary bar alone. I had a brunch bi bim bap that was to die for.

Snooze - I recently went to this lovely chain for brunch with a friend and we were blown away. There’s always a long wait, but they provide games to play outside and text you when the table is ready. Our service was incredible, and the food was just out of this world. PLUS, you can order half portions of nearly ANYTHING in order to sample the most amazing foods at once. Score!

New Fortune - What else can I say besides this is the best dim sum in the city? Track down the garlic shrimp. And get everything off the dessert cart. If you experience a wait, pop on over to the nearby boba shop and get a delicious tea!

Question of the week: How do you get yourself to exercise? I’d love some tips on finding a routine and sticking to it!


  1. I'm trying to schedule a time that is non-negotiable and treat it like a doctor's appointment or something else I wouldn't cancel!

    And maybe treat yourself to something non-food related once you reach a certain landmark? Like for every 25 times you work out, you give yourself a nice something: a manicure, new workout pants, or even just a whole weekend off of working out!

  2. I was privileged to read your post. and I left a comment. so great to meet you. I’m “following” you. I hope you have a great weekend.
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  3. Thanks for sharing. I also should consider my favorite things. So inspiring


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