Tuesday, January 3, 2017

How to Eat a Lobster - Now Available for Pre-Sale!



I know we all have strong feelings about 2016. But I know there's a handful of things I'm excited for in 2017... like, getting married and...


*not that I'm more excited about that than getting married, both are beyond awesome and cool.

How to Eat a Lobster and Other Culinary Enigmas Explained is now available via pre-order! My lovely publisher, Quirk Books (same folks who published Pride & Prejudice & Zombies!!), lists all the various places you can place an order for my book, so you can be first in line when it comes out April 4th.

This has been a dream 23 years in the making. Thank you all so much for the support! I cannot wait to see what the life of a Published Author has in store for me, but I am forever grateful :)

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