Thursday, October 13, 2016

Halloweeny Goodies


Once upon a time, I had a blog called Quarter Life (Crisis) Cuisine.

It's still there, but I don't update it as much, since I'm building up this one now. Plus, I just turned 29. My quarter life is done.

The downside? All my best recipes are still there!

So please check out last year's Halloween recipes, on the offchance I run out of time to make any this year ;)


  1. I just love Halloween Food! It is the perfect excuse to use creativity and play with your food. These recipes look great!

  2. Oh Love Halloween food. Love the Martini and those deviled eggs. Love how you photographed it too.

  3. Halloween is by far my favorite foodie holiday but I am never prepared for it. Thank goodness for people like you! All of these look amazing.

  4. Loving all of your Halloween ideas especially the martini! It's not Halloween without cocktails!