Lazy Ass Sangria

You guys have no idea how apropos this title is. Or, maybe you do, considering I've been shit at updating my blog. I can't even give the ol' "weeelll I was working on my BOOK #humblebrag" because my BOOK has been submitted and edited and all that and I've had nothing to do on it for a few months now.

The best way I can describe my lack of time for blogging is this: 2015 was a creative drought. To make up for it, I'm currently ODing on as many creative outlets as possible. In addition to my improv troupe, I'm trying to start a new troupe, getting more involved in other theaters, and am taking sketch classes. On top of THAT I'm doing guitar lessons and Kickball.

Okay, so, Kickball--not too creative--but I need more social things and this one involves drinking in parks while playing gym class games so win.

And I'm attempting to diet for the millionth time and I don't know how many times you really would want to see my cauliflower fried rice recipe because it's my go-to low carb, low cal meal.

Wine time with flattering filters

BUT. There's always time for wine, amirightladies?

While I love love love red wine, in the Austin summer you really want something cold. So, there's sangria. But, sometimes you don't want to make an entire carafe of it because you're an adult with responsibilities and shouldn't be drinking so much. So you make a glass. And because who has the time to wait for it to chill, you use frozen fruit. Trust me.

DIET HACK: Using low calorie seltzer or sparkling juice helps to make the wine last longer without adding calories. WIN.

god damn my ducklips game has gone downhill since college

Drink this. Do it. Do it now.

All the shit you need.

Lazy Ass Sangria

  • 1 cup mild red wine
  • 1/2 shot fruit flavored vodka
  • 1 handful frozen fruit
  • ~1/4 cup seltzer or sparkling juice

-Pour everything into a large wine glass and give it a swirl.

-Drink. Then eat the fruit because it'll be nice and boozy!


  1. This lazy sangria sounds fun! Thank you for sharing :)

  2. I love that this is a recipe for sangria for one! I love it so much, but sometimes I don't want to make a whole pitcher. This looks yummy!

  3. I am loving the name of this Sangrai!!!! looks so refreshing!

  4. Sounds easy and delicious! Definitely a MUST TRY this summer! :-)

  5. Yum! We all have to be lazy at times and I like your way of accomplishing that!

  6. LOVE this!!our summers are too damn hot and this sounds like the perfect cool me down drink

  7. The name of this post is the best! Also, I had no idea Deep Eddy had a peach flavor! I love their grapefruit flavor so I know I have to give this peach a try.

    1. I live in Austin, where the distillery is, and it's brand new! Hopefully it's in other stores soon :) I LOVE it in iced tea!

  8. Love this easy version of sangria, perfect for lazy summer days! I took guitar lessons in college, so fun!

  9. lol, LOVE the name on this :D I hardly ever have the patience to let sangria sit overnight, so this will be PERFECT!

  10. Thanks for sharing few words on the importance of fruits use to be added in our diet. Fruits provide you with vitamins and in low calories.


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