2016 Austin Food Blogger Alliance City Guide - Austin's Best Fried Chicken

En route to Austin, Texas from Massachusetts I stopped in Nashville for some Hot Chicken. I immediately fell in love, and immediately after, I started CRAVING a solid fried chicken. Through trial and error, I found some places that will quell my craving in Austin. Check out my entry in the 2016 Austin Food Blogger Alliance City Guide for Austin's Best Fried Chicken below!

Ms. P's Electric Cock -- A personal favorite of mine, and not only because I take every guest who visits me in Austin to take a picture in front of the sign at her South Congress food truck. Ms. P's touts "FRESH, never frozen, no hormones, no additives, LOCAL free range chicken." The skin is crispy and flavorful, the meat is juicy, and the whole "eat local" jazz is just the feel-good icing on the deep fried cake. Plus her sides go beyond the typical mac and cheese and slaw sides you find at most fried chicken joints--Truffle Mac and Cheese, Street Corn, and Waffles are only a few of the tasty sides. Bonus Points: She serves a legit breakfast taco in the morning!
Ms P's Electric Cock 
1101 South Congress Avenue 
Austin, TX 78704

Hoover's -- Hoover's was the first fried chicken I had in Austin and I was pretty impressed. While they do have a heavy hand on the breading (I wish the ratio of meat had been a bit better, as did my fiance who had the chicken friend steak), the homestyle feel and traditional sides made this a satisfying meal. The Happy Hour specials are some of the best in the city, with a chicken basket of a leg, wing, and thigh for $6 among many other nibbles and libations from 3-7pm Monday-Friday. Plus they have a location in the airport, so you can check them out as soon as you step foot in our fine city!
Hoover's Cooking
2002 Manor Rd
Austin, TX 78722

Gus's -- Gus. Where have you been all my life. Ever since I tasted the delicacy that is Nashville Hot Chicken, I've been craving that spicy crunch. And I've found it at Gus's. While Gus's is actually a chain that began in Memphis (so, not quite Nashville), they have the spicy fried chicken down to an art. I was blown away by the flavor of the skin and the juicy interior. There are no heat levels, so be comfortable with a "medium" amount of spice if you check them out. I thought the spice was perfect, but my fiance found it slightly overwhelming.
Gus's World Famous Fried Chicken
117 San Jacinto
Austin, TX 78701

Lucy's -- Full disclosure: I've personally only ever had okay, not incredible meals at Lucy's. But I really really want to love them, so I keep trying again. I feel like either the skin is under-seasoned, or the meat is dried out. However, they deserve a spot on this list because 1. I am sure I've just had bad luck with how people rave about this place, and 2. The fact that I DREAM about the deep fried deviled eggs is enough to get me to keep coming back. Plus it's a totally "Austin" spot and the Lucy's on the Lake patio is breathtaking. The desserts and sides are delicious. Strangely enough, I enjoyed my leftovers better cold the next day. Come to find out, they'll serve them to you cold if you wish. Next time I'll try that!
Multiple Locations:

Kin & Comfort -- This restaurant's theme is Thai and Southern Food infusion. Might sound weird, but trust me--it WORKS. Tucked away in the Hana World Market on Parmer in North Austin (aka my neck of the woods) it's somewhere you might miss. But seek it out. Their home-fried chicken thigh is bursting with flavor. A solid choice for those in North Austin, and worth a trip for everyone else. It's a unique experience you won't soon forget.
Inside Hana World Market
1700 W Parmer Ln #100
Austin, TX 78727

Black Star Coop -- Another solid "eat local" choice, as their menu states: "With the spirit of co-operation guiding us, we've created a menu of Texas Pub Fare true to the vision of Black Star Co-op. Our desire to serve locally sourced and sustainably produced foods is met by a community of conscientious Texas farmers and ranchers who are devoted to the same principals." And their fried chicken never disappoints! I love that this menu item can be ordered in a "snack size" as I can never finish a whole basket by myself! The breading has a subtle spice as well as the honey and lemon vinagrette and the meat is always juicy. The accompanying Ranch dip is the perfect creamy addition to these crispy chicken legs.
STE 100

Bonus: sliders at Eureka. I recently ordered this Happy Hour item on a whim and was blown away by how perfect these little sandwiches are. We'd had a Food Blogger Alliance Happy Hour here, but these weren't served for us to sample--probably a good thing, as I would have eaten them all. It's a chain, but another good  one. While a fried chicken sandwich isn't really what this list is about, I felt it was worth pointing out. The Reaper Chili Sauce packs a subtle punch of heat, but not overwhelmingly so.
200 E. 6th St.
Austin, TX 78701

Did I miss any legit fried chicken? Let me know in the comments!


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